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What Sport Goes Well With Gymnastics?

Gymnastics can complement and enhance performance in various other sports due to the development of strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and body awareness it provides.

Here are some sports that often go well with gymnastics…

  1. Diving – Gymnastics helps develop aerial awareness and body control, which can be advantageous for divers when performing complex maneuvers in the air.
  2. Cheerleading – Many gymnasts transition into cheerleading due to their acrobatic skills, tumbling ability, and agility, which are highly valued in cheer routines.
  3. Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary) – Gymnastics enhances flexibility, coordination, and spatial awareness, which are beneficial for dancers in various genres, including ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance.
  4. Acrobatic Gymnastics – Acrobatic gymnastics is a sport that combines gymnastics elements with partner balances, tosses, and catches. Gymnasts often transition to acrobatic gymnastics due to their existing skills and experience in gymnastics.
  5. Trampoline – Trampoline sports, including trampoline gymnastics and trampoline jumping, share similarities with artistic gymnastics, particularly in aerial awareness, flips, and twists.
  6. Parkour/Freerunning – Gymnastics skills such as vaulting, tumbling, and aerial awareness are valuable in parkour and freerunning, which involve navigating obstacles and urban environments with fluidity and efficiency.
  7. Figure Skating – Gymnastics contributes to strength, flexibility, and body control, which can be advantageous for figure skaters when performing jumps, spins, and intricate footwork sequences on the ice.
  8. Circus Arts (Aerial Silks, Trapeze) – Gymnastics skills translate well to aerial arts such as aerial silks and trapeze, where strength, flexibility, and aerial awareness are essential for performing acrobatic maneuvers while suspended in the air.
  9. Martial Arts (Gymnastics-Based) – Some martial arts disciplines incorporate gymnastics elements, such as tumbling and aerial kicks, which can be enhanced by prior gymnastics training.
  10. Track and Field (Vaulting, Floor Exercise) – Gymnastics skills, particularly vaulting and floor exercise, can transfer to track and field events such as pole vaulting, long jump, and triple jump, where explosive power, agility, and body control are necessary.

The choice of sport that complements gymnastics depends on individual preferences, interests, and goals. Whether pursuing a similar discipline or exploring new avenues, gymnasts often find that their skills and training in gymnastics provide a strong foundation for success in a variety of sports and physical activities.