Physical Therapy (CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

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Crossfit is a new age of fitness sport. It’s versatile, but it takes a lot of energy and strength out of you. It gives results, but it has also given rise to various orthopedic issues due to overtraining, such as wrist strain, patellar tendonitis, shoulder rotator cuff tear, and more. If you want to deal with those quickly to get back to training again, we can help you.

Fitness is a concern for everyone. However, the wrong movement won’t help you make gains but will incur losses for your physical health. With Video movement analysis, we will get clarity about how you move in the gym, and we will then help you make them better.

“Don’t let anything keep you from doing what you love. Feel better, move better. This is physical therapy, and I am a certified Crossfit Trainer specializing in Crossfit injuries.” – Louis Davis, DPT

cross fit physical therapy