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Be Stronger. Live Longer.

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70% = Americans who will die early by ways that COULD have been prevented by moving more (not to mention diet, sleep, community, etc.).

Here’s what I tell people: Do you sleep? Do you brush your teeth? Do you eat, and do you drink water? Then you need to MOVE daily, too. This healthy habit is not an option despite what cultural norms would lead us to believe.

Remember, America is drowning in chronic disease. Don’t look to your neighbors to learn how to swim.

Each day, you’re either in the 70% or in the 30%. Today, I’m in the 30% because I MOVED with intention and purpose.

Tomorrow I’ll have to earn it again. But that’s okay because I’ve found a way of moving that’s enjoyable, sustainable, and CONSISTENT.

Pay your dues today–just today–and join the 30%. Then worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

One day at a time!