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Which Is The Most Common Site Of Fracture In Tennis?

Which Is The Most Common Site Of Fracture In Tennis

The most common site of fracture in tennis is the wrist, specifically the distal radius, which is the larger of the two bones in the forearm. This type of fracture is often referred to as a “Colles’ fracture.” It occurs when there is a break in the distal end of the radius bone, near the wrist joint.

Colles’ fractures can happen in tennis due to a variety of reasons…

  1. Fall on an Outstretched Hand – When players fall during the game, they may instinctively reach out to break their fall with their hands. The impact of the fall on the outstretched hand can cause a fracture in the distal radius.
  2. Direct Impact on the Wrist – During intense play, the wrist may be subject to direct trauma, such as when a player collides with another player or object on the court.
  3. Repetitive Stress – Although less common, repetitive stress on the wrist, such as frequent and forceful ball hitting or incorrect stroke technique, can potentially lead to stress fractures over time.

Colles’ fractures can be quite painful and may require medical attention, including immobilization and possible surgery depending on the severity of the fracture. Players should seek prompt medical evaluation if they suspect a wrist injury during tennis or any other physical activity.

To reduce the risk of wrist fractures and other injuries, tennis players should focus on proper technique, warm up adequately before playing, and consider wearing wrist guards or protective gear during intense matches or training sessions. Also, strength and conditioning exercises can help improve wrist stability and reduce the risk of injury.