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What Does Pens Mean In Soccer?

What Does Pens Mean In Soccer

In soccer, “Pens” is shorthand for “penalties,” which are spot-kicks taken in a shootout to decide the winner of a tied match. It refers to the method used to determine the winner of a match that remains tied after regular playing time and any additional extra time (e.g., overtime or stoppage time) has been played. During a penalty shootout, each team takes turns attempting penalty kicks from the penalty mark, typically from a distance of 12 yards (11 meters) away from the goal line. The team that scores the most goals after a predetermined number of penalty kicks (usually five per team) is declared the winner of the match. If the score remains tied after the initial round of penalty kicks, additional rounds are taken until a winner is determined. Penalty shootouts are commonly used in knockout-style competitions, such as cup tournaments or playoff matches, to determine which team advances to the next round or wins the championship.