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Meet Duane, 70 Years Of Age

staying active as a senior physical therapy

“I didn’t come here to take it easy.”

Everyone, meet Duane, 70 years of age. He was intentional about seeking out his care (he entered off the street and we chatted for 20 mins to see if we were a good fit); he’s proactive about his health. He had a stroke not 4.5 weeks or 4.5 months ago, but 4.5 YEARS ago. But he hasn’t quit and being the proactive individual that he is, he has researched and understands terms like “neuroplasticity” (I rarely use that word with patients but he whipped that one out on me) and the fact that his brain is still recovering even after years, so he’s not giving up anytime soon.

This may look like a PT session, but I assure you, it’s actually a lesson on work ethic and perseverance. Take lessons from Duane!

“If you don’t stay active, it disappears.”