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Should I Stretch A Torn ACL?

Should I Stretch A Torn ACL?

Stretching a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) should be done with extreme caution, and it’s generally not recommended in the early stages of an ACL injury. The primary concern with stretching an injured ACL is that it can lead to increased instability and potentially worsen the injury.

Here’s what you should consider…

  • Early Post-Injury Stage – In the initial days or weeks following an ACL tear, the priority is to manage pain, inflammation, and swelling while avoiding any activity that could exacerbate the injury. Stretching exercises during this stage may not be suitable.
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation – After ACL reconstruction surgery, a structured rehabilitation program is designed to help regain range of motion in the knee joint. Gentle, controlled stretching exercises may be incorporated as part of the rehabilitation process, but they should be prescribed and supervised by a physical therapist. These stretching exercises aim to gradually improve flexibility and range of motion in the knee while minimizing the risk of complications.
  • Caution with Stretching – It’s important to avoid any aggressive or forceful stretching that could strain the injured ligament. Stretching should be gradual, controlled, and performed under the guidance of a healthcare provider or physical therapist who can ensure that it’s done safely.
  • Balance Flexibility and Stability – Rehabilitation of a torn ACL typically involves a combination of exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and stability. Balance is key to preventing overstretching and protecting the injured knee.
  • Individualized Approach – The decision to include stretching exercises in an ACL rehabilitation program should be based on individual factors, including the extent of the injury, the type of surgical procedure performed, and the recommendations of healthcare professionals.

Stretching exercises in the context of an ACL injury should be part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program and should not be attempted without proper guidance. The goal is to regain knee range of motion without compromising the healing process or the stability of the joint.

Consult with your orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, or healthcare provider to determine when and how stretching exercises should be included in your post-ACL injury or post-surgery rehabilitation plan.