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How Often Should Boxers Get Massages?

How Often Should Boxers Get Massages?

The frequency of massages for boxers (or any athletes) can vary depending on individual needs, training intensity, and recovery requirements. Massage therapy can be a valuable component of a boxer’s overall training and recovery routine, as it helps promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and enhance flexibility.

Here are some general guidelines on how often boxers may consider getting massages…

  • Training and Competition Periods – Boxers may benefit from more frequent massages to manage muscle soreness and tension during intense training and leading up to competitions. Depending on their training volume and intensity, 1-2 massages per week or bi-weekly sessions may be helpful.
  • Post-Competition – After a fight or competition, boxers may choose to receive a massage to aid in recovery and help their muscles recover from the physical demands of the event.
  • Pre-Competition – Some boxers may opt for a pre-competition massage a day or two before a fight to help them relax and prepare mentally and physically.
  • Maintenance & Injury Prevention  – During lighter training or rest days, boxers can incorporate massage therapy as part of their recovery routine to prevent injuries, improve circulation, and maintain muscle flexibility.

Individual preferences and needs play a significant role in determining the frequency of massages. Some boxers may benefit from more frequent massages, while others may achieve their desired results with fewer regular sessions.

Massage therapy is just one aspect of a comprehensive training and recovery program. Boxers should also consider other recovery techniques, such as proper nutrition, hydration, stretching, foam rolling, and adequate rest to support their performance and overall well-being.

A trained massage therapist with experience working with athletes can tailor the sessions to address the individual boxer’s goals and needs.