physical therapy by phoenix springfield gym

There's a Physio For That

While our team is highly trained in the management of nerves, muscles, bones, and joints, we also specialize in a variety of niches. Trust

that when you come see us, you will receive a perfect cocktail of treatments individualized for your needs.


Low back pain, neck pain and radiating symptoms

We’re extensively trained in managing conditions of the spine, even the ones with scary names and pictures


Skilled prescription and dosage of exercises

Regardless of your condition, appropriate loading for your needs with intention and purpose--no fluff


Arm/leg pains

No spine pain? No problem. We’re trained in managing the extremities too, including shoulders and hips


Dry needling and manual therapy

 Hands-on approaches to improve mobility for your demands



Certain types of headaches can be completely resolved with physical therapy alone 


Orthopedic and sports injuries

The bread and butter of what we do—managing conditions to avoid surgery


Post-op care with return to high level goals

Surgery was a necessity? Rehab from Post-Operative Day 1 to maximum abilities

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Load management for active individuals

Manage overuse injuries or avoid them from happening to keep you performing

services_fitness_athlete_management .jpg

Fitness athlete management

CrossFitter or Fitness Athlete? Not all PTs are the same. Work with a clinician who understands and does what you do


Individualized mobility programs to boost performance­

A custom-made program based on an assessment for YOUR needs for sport or fitness


Video movement analysis

Send in a video or have it filmed live-we’ll analyze technique and spot issues to resolve in weightlifting or fitness movements

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Strength, balance, and fall risk prevention for older adults

Because if it’s gone by the time you’re 70, what’s the point?

 Treat your condition with preventive care that includes exercise, compression garments, pumps and more with our Lymphedema  and Lipedema Treatments.


Lymphedema Management

Multi-faceted, completed decongestive therapy used to mobilize protein rich fluid that accumulates in the body for a multitude of reasons.




Treatment of inflamed fat cells that lead to pain and swelling. Treatment consists of manual lymphatic drainage, compression, and education on long-term self management.